Why Dad? Why?

I love how inquisitive she is! I also have to remind myself that she really does want answers when she asks questions. It’s too easy to dismiss children with, “Because I said so!” But that doesn’t always suffice! It may work for the moment because of frustration, but a moment of explanation might be what’s needed to satisfy the appetite of reason and knowledge.

Besides, we never want to dismiss their questions as not important!

The really important questions are coming and we don’t want them to feel like they can’t ask them of us! However, I do believe I should get paid by the “Why!” I’d be rich!

#MyBEHBaby #LetsAskDad #TenArrowWarrior

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About Let's Ask Dad

I'm just a common man with sometimes uncommon thoughts. I strive to be the encourager, the mentor, and a coach to those who feel like giving up. I have been blessed with a quiver full of children and have gained much wisdom in the process of raising them.