Month: May 2015

One of the greatest features in my backyard is a water fountain. The fountain has a boy and girl standing under an umbrella while the water trickles down and falls back into the water at their feet. Sitting on the patio listening to the water brings many things to mind.  The fountain causes me to […]

I got to thinking today that it would be really cool to own a car that carries your name. Well, actually I think that someone with the same name of a car is probably because they came after the car. Which came first…the chicken or the egg? With my seventh child on the way it […]

I have wondered how people can walk through life with unforgiveness. I have seen how people have been consumed as if it were a cancer. As one carries this burden, stress, sleeplessness, and uneasiness can become threatening to their health. The person who willingly, unwillingly, or doesn’t even realize that they have done anything offensive […]

I found myself walking along a sidewalk and suddenly stopping. A bird is singing. I began looking to see if I could locate the bird in the tree. I finally spot the bird high among the branches. I am sure that there were many others in the audience of this performance. However, I believe I […]

So how different are we today vs. fourteen years ago on September 11th? So many rushed out and bought flags, stood and sang during the National Anthem at football games. Many prayed fervently for the first time. So where are we today? Are we still changed and on track? Are we moving forward making a […]

I’ve blogged a little over the last several years on Blogger, but it is time to move.  Blogger loves to “bunch” things up and make it difficult to read. I’ll be attempting to move my previous posts over so, enjoy the reads, or ignore them.  I hope you hook up to my blog.  It is […]