I began blogging with a question, “Why would anyone ever care about my random thoughts?”  Then I realized that blogging would probably be more for me and not so much about what others thought about my thoughts.

I’m a pretty simple man with some pretty simple thoughts on life.  Being a realist can sometimes be a problem though.  It causes me to question those who have lost touch with reality about day to day life and expectations of children in the athletic arena.   I love all of my children and think they are the best at everything they do.  However, I keep those thoughts to myself and my children.   Why?  Because I’m a realist! I know the chances of my kids being the most successful, most talented, superhero-like athlete, student, employee, or even person are slim at best.  I’ll never tell them that!  All they need to know is that I love them and whatever their accomplishments, in my eyes, they are the best ever.

I’ve done my time in retail, entrepreneurship, sales, wholesale, and the school of hard knocks.  I now live out my passion by playing what I call, “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” every day.  I bring a unique view of learning from life experiences in business to a common sense approach of application in a classroom.

I never expect perfection from anyone, but I do expect perfect effort.  I will never ask someone to give 110% when 100% is all they will ever have at their disposal.  Just give that!  One last thought, “Practice does NOT make perfect!” My belief is this, “Perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise, practice only make permanent!”

I desire to do three things in life.  Love God! Love People! Serve others!

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