Month: March 2016

What part of (fill in blank here) do you not understand? There are times in life that we ask questions that are rhetorical in nature and really meant to show dominance or superiority.   I’ve heard adults use this among other adults and it is usually done in a confrontational way.  However, hearing this same […]

As a dad of eight children, life can be very demanding.  Trying to keep up with the day to day activities takes on a whole new meaning of being organized.  There are many days I ask my wife several times what I am supposed to do concerning the care of the children.  Not what or […]

There are a few people in life that you vow your dedication to for life.  The child who begins his life completely enraptured by your presence and looks trustingly into your eyes is counted in this list.  The spouse you stood holding hands with in front of countless witnesses, promising your dedication until death do […]