Live Broadcasting (Periscope)

This page will contain Live Broadcasting moments that were initially on social media platforms like Periscope.  Periscope is an app that allows individuals to form communities and share content.  While we know many social media websites have issues with individuals posting items that are often inappropriate or offensive, I hope you find that the content you find here to be both enlightening and often entertaining.  As with any social media platform, Periscope also gives individuals the opportunity to have their voices heard, community gained, and many have included Periscope into their toolbox to reach prospective business and customers.

I hope you enjoy the videos you see here.  Some may seem a little awkward because there is an actual dialogue that is taking place by the broadcaster being viewed live while the viewer can only converse through text.


Back Porch Talk – Beautiful Weather

02/17/2016 – Firm Foundations




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