Month: March 2023

Joshua 5My current study….It’s cool how God dried up the waters and allowed the Israelites to cross over on dry land just like he parted the Red Sea! Even cooler…The kings, who believed they could conquer the Israelites, were broken when they heard about God doing this great miracle. It says, “their hearts melted.” They […]

Words! Who’s using you and your words to influence others? Life and death are in the power of the tongue! Speaking life means being bold enough to call wrong wrong!We aren’t called to be “happy,” we are called to be “holy!” Happiness is a choice! Holiness is a lifestyle! It doesn’t mean God doesn’t want […]

Reading is crucial to success! We should always push ourselves to read good books to help expand our minds. Being a good reader helps us to decipher information, communicate better, and become critical thinkers. Children should be encouraged to read good books that are on their reading levels, a little above those levels, and of […]