1951 Hudson Hornet ~ What’s in a name?

I got to thinking today that it would be really cool to own a car that carries your name. Well, actually I think that someone with the same name of a car is probably because they came after the car. Which came first…the chicken or the egg? With my seventh child on the way it becomes even more fun to think up a name. Naming a child can be a daunting task. I know that my son who will be born in November will carry the name of “Hudson.”

This is a name that comes from his mothers side of the family. She was named after a grandmother that carried the name of Hudson and I’m told that it can actually be traced back to Henry Hudson, an explorer that eventually had the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Bridge named after him.

What about the Hudson Hornet car? It is a super collectable car that was one of the first companies to get behind NASCAR. I think a Hudson Hornet for my son Hudson would be fun! Well, he may have to buy it himself being that it is collectable and therefore expensive. Gosh, I should’ve given more thought to the other six kids. I could have had a Saleen, Ferrari, or even a Buggati.
My parents named me Billy and look what it has gotten me……BILLS!


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