My daughter Brianna was my second child and what many would label as our “strong-willed child.”  If I asked her to move left, she would move right. When asked to sit down, she would stand up.  Don’t even attempt to silence her because she would get louder and louder just to make sure that it […]

“Lessons are often learned the hard way!”  That’s exactly what my father said to me when I was a young boy.  I guess it is just human nature to try and push the boundaries in life and see exactly how much we can get away with.  For children, those boundaries are a reminder that helps bring […]

As this school year begins, there are great changes on the horizon.  Normally during this season, I am preparing a classroom, printing off materials, writing lesson plans, and praying over each and every chair in my classroom, and not necessarily in that order. I have purposefully prayed for every desk and chair in my classroom […]

Playing and being silly with the children is one of the most important things you can do before they grow up or before it becomes “uncool.”  Playing games of tag, kick the can, board games, charades, cards, make-believe or even just riding bikes can be a blast.  However, one game that stands out the most to me

Often times in life we do things that are not wise, intelligent, or even in our best interest.  We get so involved with the idea of instant gratification that we don’t realize that our actions could be as harmful as losing our life over it. Easton was a small boy who had the idea that […]

We always talk about the four letter words.  You know, the ones we aren’t supposed to say.  Those words that get us in trouble, or for some, a taste of some soap.  Four letter words are learned quickly from an older sibling, a parent, on the playground, or from television. We never refer to other […]