The Pain of Loss

One of the most difficult things about my father passing away and laying his body to rest Tuesday was seeing the pain of loss on my children’s faces and knowing they are heartbroken.

The hurt, numbness and the tears on their cheeks was almost unbearable to handle. The sadness in their eyes was overwhelming because I knew all I could do was to love on them, pray, and embrace them as they wept.

Unfortunately, most of us will have the same experience. It might be our inability to fully console our children as we aren’t always able to shield them from the heartaches they will encounter, but we know One who can! Jesus is the true comforter and that’s where I place my trust. Trusting Him to heal their hearts and to remind them of the blessings of family.

My hope is that my family stay strong and seek to be a close knit community that loves deeply, seeks to help and serve others that are less fortunate, and walk in love and peace by remembering to keep unforgiveness at bay!

Life goes by much faster than we could ever imagine and time slips by before we realize how much we have missed.

We must live life intentionally and deliberately focused on following Christ example. Life continues on without us being able to see and talk to our Dad/PawPaw, but the memories will continue because he was an inspiration to everyone! We enjoyed a large quantity of time with him so we could experience the quality time. I suggest you do the same with your loved ones. God has abundantly blessed me with a great family. For that…I am at peace and filled with gratitude and happiness.


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I'm just a common man with sometimes uncommon thoughts. I strive to be the encourager, the mentor, and a coach to those who feel like giving up. I have been blessed with a quiver full of children and have gained much wisdom in the process of raising them.