The Fog

A super amazing friend, who has helped me process some of the darkest battles I’ve ever faced, shared a vision of how it appears when we get lost in the fog. Their perspective comes from having been inside the fog.

The fog from the inside is beautiful because that’s how our enemy disguises himself and all the things we want or desire or for whatever reason will satisfy our “needs.” It’s a beautiful picture of the future! It’s everything you “need” along with the love and the hope that you “deserve!” Even knowing what is right, and that it’s made up from a distortion of truth, it looks so much better than what you currently have.

The fog from the outside, looking through spiritual eyes, isn’t a gray cloudy type of fog. It is prison bars, spikes, torture devices, dripping saliva of the enemy running down and it’s disgusting! You would never walk in there…..willingly!

Those on the outside see it for what it is, but for those allured into the fog, they don’t see what they are trapped inside.

It takes spiritual eyes to see your surroundings! All the more reason that you have to keep your eyes on Jesus. When you take your eyes off of the Father and begin to dance around the fog, you become enveloped by it and can’t see clearly. Before you know it, you are consumed and find yourself trying to look at the world through a lens that distorts your vision and life begins to spin out of control.

The Father has never changed and His plan and purpose remain the same for your life. But it takes making a choice to break out of the fog and fixing your eyes on the one you left behind for the alluring attraction of the enemies goody bag. The distorted glasses have to come off and the Father waits patiently until you decide that you’ve had enough. He knows that until you’re ready, you won’t commit to Him the way He needs you to in order to be set free!


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