Refined Into His Image

4127C9DD-C68B-4AA4-94EA-779D90F04BE4A silversmith works diligently to refine silver by removing it’s impurities. This is done by holding the silver over the middle of the fire where it can heat up to a level that the undesired ingredients would rise to the top.

He then skims the impurities away and reheats the silver again. This process continues until it becomes as close to purity as possible. It isn’t a quick process, but one that takes time, patience, and fire.

Look around at the circumstances you might be experiencing and ask yourself, “Is this the fire Lord that you are using to help me become more like you?” “Am I desiring to get out of the fire when the silversmith, God, is still allowing us to stay in the flames because it is making us a better person?”

Be patient! The test you are experiencing is something that you won’t have to endure forever! It’s only for a season!  It’s only for a period of time!  The silversmith knows if he leaves the silver in the flame too long, it could be destroyed. God won’t leave you in this fire too long!  How do I know?  Because, just as the silversmith is looking for a particular characteristic  in the process,  Gods looking for the same quality in you!

The reflection of His image!


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I'm just a common man with sometimes uncommon thoughts. I strive to be the encourager, the mentor, and a coach to those who feel like giving up. I have been blessed with a quiver full of children and have gained much wisdom in the process of raising them.