“Hump Day” results of “Monday Blues”

It’s interesting to see how bad a rap Monday’s get!  So many people just don’t like Monday.  Okay, they despise Monday!  No, better yet, they LOATHE Monday!  I recently asked my students which day of the week was the worst.  Without fail, they all agreed on Monday.  I changed the scenario and told them, “Hypothetically speaking, what if we were out of school on Mondays and had to attend on Saturdays?”  Suddenly, Monday wasn’t such a bad day anymore.  Saturday didn’t lose much ground because Friday is a great day, we are in school, and it is the last day of the week concerning school.   Saturday got a pass because it’s similar to Friday.

Wednesday has now arrived and it is often referred to as “Hump Day” because of it’s location in the middle of the week.  The problem I often see is that for many, Wednesday is hectic because they have so much work to do and the week in now half gone.  Monday was reduced to a day of complaining and poor attitude and therefore becomes a wasted day.  For others, they are wrapping up projects, tying up loose ends, and beginning their preparation for, you guessed it, Monday!

Singing the Monday blues is counterproductive and often robs many of creative ideas, motivated movement, and success.  Let’s be honest!  Each day begins with a decision and an attitude.  Having the right attitude toward what is merely nothing more than just another day can determine how the rest of the week will play out.  For school teachers, it is a day of fresh ideas and well prepared lesson plans.  For the salesman, it can be a springboard that propels them forward past their complaining competitors.  A poor attitude will bring about stress over work that piles up and a week that becomes a frantic ride on an out of control treadmill.  Lots of action with very little forward progress.

Don’t sing the Monday blues and “Hump Day” will be a day of enjoyment and progress.  Besides, have you ever seen a camel singing the blues?  No! He probably showed up Monday morning , happy to have a job and then begins practicing his lines for Wednesday.  What day is it?  “Hump Daaaaaay!”

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