What’s The Point?

crossroadThere comes a point in life when you know that you want to make a change, but you’re not sure where to begin. I believe that “point” comes when you want to make a change. That’s the point where I am in life.

I’m standing on the corner of “Dreams” and “Goals” and wonder which path I should take. My daughter Cierra asked me today if I knew the difference between dreams and goals. I said, “I don’t know that there is much difference between the two.” She suggested that “dreams” are just that. Something that seems to be real or not real and doesn’t necessarily have a beginning or an end, but a “goal” is something that has a timetable attached to it.

That’s when it hit me! I can continue to have dreams of things to do, or places to go until the day I die. However, if I want to achieve my goals, I must put some action to them. That’s how I found myself at this crossroads in life. I have some goals in life that I need to pursue now! I can’t continue to leave some of these goals over in my dream jar, but I need to shake up the jar and pour out some goals so that I can achieve them.

As I get older, I begin to realize that time moves swiftly along the rails of life. It seems like someone greases those rails with each passing day. If time truly does fly when you are having fun, I must be having a blast!

I’m looking down the path at a couple of goals and have just knelt down to tighten the laces on my shoes. This is going to be exciting, fun, and a little scary. However, I can’t wait to cross one of my many finish lines I see in my future.

I now know what the point is, do you? What’s your point? Have you reached it? Find your point and drive a stake in the ground. It’s time to make a point in life by peering into your dream jar and taking hold those dreams to make them a reality. That’s the point!

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I'm just a common man with sometimes uncommon thoughts. I strive to be the encourager, the mentor, and a coach to those who feel like giving up. I have been blessed with a quiver full of children and have gained much wisdom in the process of raising them.