Periscope Pass-the-Scope #Learning #Teacherscope

Periscope?  Where do I begin?  Social media changes quickly in this day and time.  What seems to be the social media outlet of choice can quickly become a thing of the past.  I hope that Periscope isn’t one of those “flash-in-the-pan” formats.

Periscope is a live interaction of a “scoper” who is broadcasting live, while the “follower” is watching.  The follower can text or type their thoughts in for the “scoper” to read, but only the scoper can actually speak verbally.  It is much like “FaceTime” but with only half of those involved actually able to verbally communicate.

I know this is a lot of explanation, but I feel like I should explain what I’m speaking about because many don’t have a clue what Periscope is or how it is being used in society.  I learned about a shooting through Periscope that took place in Paris before the news broke the story.  When there was a mass-shooting in California recently, Periscope was one of the first outlets reporting.  Just common people with cameras in their phones reporting breaking stories in and around the world.  How crazy is that?

I have somehow been blessed to stumble into a community of artists and have met some amazing people through Periscope.  Although I have never met these people in person, I almost feel as if they are part of my family.

Tonight I was fortunate to be involved in what is called a, “Pass-the-Scope.”  This was all organized by a gentleman in Tallahassee Florida by the name of Ruben Arana.  His periscope handle is @Teach_all_iKnow.  He is an amazing artist, a great communicator, a phenomenal teacher, and has become a close friend.  He loves interacting with people and isn’t ashamed of his faith, love, and trust in Jesus Christ.  He has become my fellow prayer warrior in life.

In this scope tonight, educators from around the country and Canada came together to take ten minutes each to speak about teaching.  Great insight, encouragement, and knowledge was shared in a sixty minute timeframe by six different teachers.  That is one of the coolest things about Periscope.  A community of like-minded people can come together and reach others that are interested in the same things.

I have been rejuvenated, refreshed, and encouraged through Periscope.  My passion to teach and make a positive difference in others lives has been given a shot of adrenaline.  My first prayer is that I make a difference in the lives of others.  The second prayer is that I always remember that I’m never too big to do the little things in life for God and as long as I keep that attitude, I will never be too small to do the really BIG things God has called me to do.

So, Pass-the-scope tonight was a blessing to me.  I am humbled by being given the opportunity to share my passion with others and being able to do so in the midst of so many other great educators.  I’m hoping this is the first of many with this incredible group of people.


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