This I know About What I Call “The 180 Rule”

This I know… The 180 rule.

I am given 180 days at a time to make a difference in a life. Too often that amount has been cut drastically short. Absences, sickness, weather days, and unexpected withdrawals quickly cut into that 180 days I anticipated. I cherish the 180 and look at it as a calling that I have been commissioned to do. 180! For some, I hope to do just that, turn their ship 180 degrees from a pessimistic view to an optimistic one. I hope to develop a view that learning is fun and exciting and that it drives their entire future. If they will invest 180 days in themselves and continue to do that for just thirteen years (k-12), then for many, they will have beaten the odds.
Even now as the year winds down, many will not return for the last days. I learned this the hard way and found myself lost because of a blessing and last word of encouragement died stillborn because they left the 180 days early. I spoke it, but it was never heard. My prayer now is that I have spoken those words frequently enough during the 180 and not count on these last few days to show life and love.

I know many who are what I call “counters.” Counting down the days… Lord, I want to remember that I am not guaranteed tomorrow and even if I were, let my words be life-changing today. Maybe in some ways I am a “counter.” I count my blessings and count on Jesus to use me in his plan and purpose….180 days at a time with each one of them being “THE” day that could be the difference.
The rule? Each 180 days is fleeting, never take even one of them for granted.

180 Days

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I'm just a common man with sometimes uncommon thoughts. I strive to be the encourager, the mentor, and a coach to those who feel like giving up. I have been blessed with a quiver full of children and have gained much wisdom in the process of raising them.