Month: May 2019

It is my job to share biblical truths and values to my children and my children’s children!  Integrity, honesty, and character are just a few of the things I need to transfer to them. These are more often “caught” than taught! “The generations shall herein unite: together they shall make up an extraordinary history. Each […]

I pray daily for my children to walk in freedom!  It’s important!   It is proven in life after life, in both the positive and the negative: Obedience and the pursuit of God’s word and wisdom leads to liberty. Disobedience, rejection of God’s word, and reliance upon one’s own wisdom leads to bondage. #MyBEHBaby #LetsAskDAD

Being called dad, daddy, deddy, diddy, da da, BP, or any other name attributing my place in my children’s lives has been some of my greatest honors ever!  My quiver has truly been filled with some of the greatest arrows in the world! I will always rise to my calling of this honor with integrity […]